ISF Rapport

Options for Early Retirement

ISF defines and analyses the options that have been introduced by other countries to support early retirement for certain groups.

We have identified five options for early retirement that are used by other countries. Those five options are:

  • The option of an early retirement for people with a working history of many years or those who started working life early.
  • The option of early retirement for individuals in certain occupations or with certain work tasks.
  • The option of early retirement or downsizing through part-time work solutions and partial retirement solutions for older adults.
  • The option of early retirement for older workers with reduced work ability through medical insurance or early retirement.
  • The option of early retirement for unemployed older workers or extended unemployment benefits for older adults.

The particular design of early retirement options differs between
in different countries. But they are sufficiently similar to be considered variants of one of these five solutions. Combinations of different solutions also occur.

This is an English translation of ISF Report 2021:7 Möjligheter till tidig pensionering – en analys av internationella erfarenheter