History of ISF

The Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate was established on 1 July 2009.

The first initiative to establish the agency was taken in the Budget Bill of 2007. As part of this Bill, the Government argued that it was imperative that the rule of law and the efficiency of the social insurance system, be placed under continuous and independent scrutiny.

In March 2007 the Government appointed a commission to investigate the future supervision of the social insurance system (Dir. 2007:24). The commission presented its report to the Government in January 2008 (SOU 2008:10). The commission proposed that a new government agency should be established to implement system supervision and efficiency control of the social insurance system.

In April 2009 the Government appointed Per Molander as the first Director-General of the ISF, and assigned the task of setting up the new agency to him.

The ISF's office was initially located in Stockholm. From September 2018, ISF also started operations in Gothenburg. As of August 2019, the entire operation is located in Gothenburg. The current Director-General of the ISF, Eva-Lo Ighe, was appointed in June 15 2020.


Per Molander (2009–2016)
Maria Hemström Hemmingsson (2016–2018)
Catarina Eklundh Ahlgren (Acting Director-General 2018–2019)
Marie Seijboldt (Acting Director-General Aug 2019–April 2020)
Ola Leijon (Acting Director-General April 2020–June 2020)
Eva-Lo Ighe (since June 2020)

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